Girls Shed, Quilting Workshops

Welcome to the Girls' Shed. Our aim is to provide creative workshops where you can learn and indulge your passions in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Birth of Girls' Shed

Lanterns Quilt

Some of you might be interested in how Girls' Shed came into being. Here is the story.

Any of you who have seen farms, or lived on farms, know that there are many sheds that always belong to males. Well our farm is no different. We have several sheds – none of which were mine! I have a saying that 'every time it rains a new shed pops-up'. I have been a patchworker and quilter for a lifetime and I was bursting from a bedroom in the house with all my sewing 'stuff' and slowly taking over every available space in the rest of the house. Things had to change! So the next time it rained, sure enough, a new shed popped up and you guessed it, I 'snaffled' the shed.

It was not purpose built for patchwork, so it was just steel, concrete floor and Roll-A-Doors. I didn't mind, I had a shed of my own and over time I slowly moved all my sewing 'stuff' to the shed. However, there was a problem, the shed in summer was very hot, like a sauna and cold in winter. After a couple of years my husband took pity on me and lined the shed and put air conditioning in, best shed ever now. After that I spent much of my spare time in my shed and to distinguish my shed from all the other sheds on the property, I'd say 'I'm going to the Girls' Shed', because that is where my friends would gather to chat, be creative and have a great time.

Girls Shed retreat